Sinemorets: A boat trip along the Veleka River

The boat trip will give you the opportunity to enjoy the Veleka river’s shores which are vegetation-rich. You will also watch the rare yellow water-lily (Nuphar lutea) and many representatives of a Western Caspian turtle (Mauremys rivulata).

On the Veleka River (Bulgaria), the place where you can rent a boat for a trip is located at the entrance of the village of Sinemorets (on the Black Sea Coast). After the steel bridge turn to the right. There is a small pier in immediate proximity to the asphalt road. There you can hire a kayak or get on a boat with a waterman. He has also a role as a guide.

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Sinemorets – a paradise for relaxing at sea and adventures.

Situated on the Bulgarian Black Sea Coast and the mouth of the Veleka River, Sinemorets resort has unique amenities for recreation at sea combined with hiking trails. The beaches of Sinemorets are among the
most beautiful along the Black Sea coast. Two of them are completely wild and suitable for those seeking tranquility and privacy in nature. The 8 km stretch from the mouth of the Veleka River to “Tsarsko kladenche” is sailing, which provides opportunities for a motorboat and kayak trip, to observe the rare yellow water lily.
Sinemorets is located on the territory of Strandzha Nature Park (the biggest nature park in Bulgaria) and next to it are located two protected areas with unique natural resources.

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Primorsko: Rock formation “Lion’s Head” and the ancient fortress “Valchanovo kale”

The “Lion’s head” (“Lavskata glava” in bulgarian) is located in Ropotamo Reserve near Primorsko, Bulgaria. It is a rock formation composed of syenite blocks and declared as a natural landmark. Its age is 65-70 million years, it rises 80 meters above the Ropotamo River in a stretch where the trunk road Sozopol – Primorsko runs parallel to the river. It has great popularity, because it is noticeable by traveling cars on the road. In proximity to the “Lion’s head” (300 meters of it) you can go by one of the hiking trails in Ropotamo Reserve. The place attracts tourists because of the beautiful forest nature, rugged relief, panoramic views of the surrounding area, as well as the opportunity to see objects of archaeological significance. This place is suitable for hikers, came for vacation at the Black Sea coast. In the early Iron Age it was built an ancient city and its fortress was used until the 19th century when was named “Valchanovo Kale” (“Valchan’s fortress” in bulgarian)

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Primorsko: Walk to the mouth of Ropotamo river

Ropotamo Reserve is located near the town of Primorsko, Bulgаria and has the same name like the passing river. It is part of the larger protected area Ropotamo Ramsar. In addition to the variety of animal and plant species, you can also see many other interesting and rare objects: rock formations, archaeological monuments, the Ropotamo river basin, the marsh with the European white water lilies, etc. In this part of our site I will introduce you the eco path reaching the mouth of the Ropotamo river.

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Primorsko in Bulgaria – information, landmarks and beaches.

The town of Primorsko, Bulgaria is a large Black sea resort and has superb qualities for sea holiday combined with a lot of fun. Its location near the Ropotamo Reserve provides plenty of opportunities for nature walks and historical monuments. The tourists like this town also and because of the folklore festivals that take place here. The place offers a variety of attractions that make it suitable for both a relaxing family holiday and a stay with active nightlife with lots of parties and fun.

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Ropotamo Reserve – information and map of hiking trails

Ropotamo Reserve and its surroundings are famous for its wild nature, rugged relief, various natural landmarks, rocky seashores, beach, dunes and swamps. It is located in close proximity to the town of Primorsko, Bulgaria.

On the attached below map, the boundary of Ropotamo reserve is marked with a red line. The protected areas “Beglik Tash – Ropotamo” and “Rock formations, the fjords and the seal’s cave in the area of Cape “Maslen Nos” are located close to it.

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Hiking trail from the thracian cliffs “Beglik Tash” to the Cape “Maslen Nos”

The hiking trail provides an easier access to the famous destination – Cape “Maslen nos” near town of Primorsko, Bulgaria. The Cape is an ancient harbor, a point of reference for sailors and a beacon for centuries. In the present – an exotic beach with waters rich in fish and the presence of remarkable rock formations resembling fjords. There is also a good opportunity for a panoramic view of the wild shores of the southern side of the Ropotamo Reserve.

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From the sanctuary Beglik Tash to the Bay St. Paraskeva

The trail starts from the thracian cliffs –  sanctuary Beglik Tash passes through scenic forest road and reach the bay of St. Paraskeva, that was an ancient port, and later served as a hideout of pirates in the Middle Ages.

This is the most scenic trail round Ropotamo Reserve, near the town of Primorsko, Bulgaria. It provides the oportunity to see an objects of archaeological importance and to enjoy the beautiful forest scenery, sea and rock formations.

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Primorsko: Walk to the Thracian cliffs – sanctuary Beglik Tash

Beglik Tash is a complex of high cliffs groups, each with a different role, served in the ancient Thracian rituals at sunrise. It is near Primorsko, Bulgaria.  Аpart from its history and beautiful scenery, the site is attractive for the tourists because offers a couple of possibilities for hiking trails to other historical sites and scenic landscapes – Bay “St. Paraskeva” , Cape “Maslen nos” , rock formation „Lion’s head“ and mouth of Ropotamo river (look at the bottom).

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