Planning your excursion with the assistive tools

The selection of tools provided here is a great help for every tourist and traveller to plan an excursion or trip. It will make it easier to organise your vacation to the Bulgarian South Black Sea coast. The set includes a timetable for flights, Google road map showing the quickest or the most commonly used routes to the settlements, a distance calculator, a search engine about rental cars, a weather forecast, a search engine for hotels all over the country, and bus timetable information.

As a matter of fact – we open this page every time we prepare for a hike. Here we find all the information we need. The links provided take us to databases which are continuously updating.

Flights to the regional Burgas city, where you can catch a bus or rent a car for going to all touristic destinations described in our guide

Find your flight or bus.

What are the distances and where to go?

Enter the Source and the Destination of your trip. Then you can see the quickest or the most commonly used route according to Google maps, that will appear on the roadmap. In a few seconds, the distance in kilometres will be displayed. All you have to do is enter the names of the settlements. From the route that will appear on the map, you will also know from where should you pass. Also, you can decide which is the most appropriate place to stay so you can visit more tourist sites and attractions that you have chosen.

The South Black Sea Coast and Strandzha mountain are inexhaustible from the beautiful seascapes and the picturesque forest nature. The photo camera is a constant companion for a trip into these lands.

Rental cars in Burgas city

Cause some of the destinations described in our guide are out of the towns, buses don’t stop there, the car could indeed be useful. To find rent cars at the Burgas Airport follow the links:

What will be the weather during the days of my excursion

Once you’ve determined your destination for your excursion, it’s a good idea to see what the weather will be there, in case you plan to go there very soon. In this way, you will know if it is worth in the period of your choice. The bar on the right lists some of the destinations mentioned in our site. They are also the endpoints of the perimeter we are writing for – the South Black Sea Coast and Strandzha Nature Park. If you need a forecast for another location – follow the link that will take you to the AccuWeather site.

Where to stay

After you have already chosen the town for your excursion or vacation, you can move on to the next step. This map will help you to choose a hotel, see also other offers nearby or even into entire Bulgaria. Only unoccupied rooms with current rates are present on the map.

Initially, you can see only the hotels in Burgas city.

By zooming out on the map, you can see all the other destinations and hotels along the South Black Sea Coast and Strandzha (as well as all of Bulgaria). Most of the rates are for two people stay. However, for guest houses or apartments, the higher price may be for renting the entire property, which may include much more than two beds.

Choosing an accommodation place in this way – saves you of unnecessary wasting time making phone calls and checking available rooms at hotels. You can book online – without leaving the desk.

Bus timetables

If you don’t have intentions of renting a car or you are planning to catch a bus, the links below would do a great job:

  1. Burgasbus timetable for all buses travelling from Burgas to the settlements on the Southern Black Sea coast, departing from “Bus Station South Terminal.”
  2. “Burgasbus” timetable for all buses travelling from Burgas to the settlements in Strandzha Mountain leaving from “Bus Station West.”
  3. Timetables for buses departing from Tsarevo and going to cities along the South Black Sea coast and some of the villages in Strandzha. Those are Sozopol, Primorsko, Kiten, Lozenets, Ahtopol, Sinemorets, Rezovo, Kosti village, Brodilovo village, Balgari village and others.
  4. Bus timetables from Malko Tarnovo to Bourgas.