A guide to the natural and cultural  landmarks along the Bulgarian South Black Sea Coast and Strandzha mountain


Organise your beautiful vacation filled with stunning views, adventures and history with the help of our guide.




Tourist destinations :


Tsarevo Municipality

Ahtopol – romance, sea, history and nature
Ahtopol – Sinemorets – hiking trail past volcanic formations to the Veleka Mouth
Marina Reka – a walk in the prehistoric forest
Rezovo – the southernmost bank of the Bulgarian Black Sea Coast
Rezovo: Kastrich Bay
Sinemorets – a paradise for relaxing at sea and adventures.
Sinemorets: A boat trip along the Veleka River
Sinemorets: Hiking trail to the wild beaches Lipite, Listi and Silistar Beach
Sinemorets: Silistar Beach
Tsarevo – the gate to Strandzha mountain from the Black Sea
Varvara village: Black Sea exotics on the beach

Primorsko Municipality

From Beglik Tash to the wild Bay St. Paraskeva
Hiking trail from the thracian cliffs “Beglik Tash” to the Cape “Maslen Nos”
Primorsko in Bulgaria – information, landmarks and beaches.
Primorsko: Arkutino Beach
Primorsko: Boat trip upstream the Ropotamo River
Primorsko: From Arkutino to the mouth of the Ropotamo River
Primorsko: Rock formation “Lion’s Head” and a fortress
Primorsko: Walk to the mouth of Ropotamo river
Primorsko: Walk to the Thracian sanctuary Beglik Tash
Ropotamo Reserve – information and map of hiking trails

Sozopol Municipality

Sozopol – the city of salvation from the monotony
Sozopol: Cape Agalina
Sozopol: The “Chauffeurs’ Beach” in the Alepu area

Pomorie Municipality

Pomorie – information, landmarks and beaches
Pomorie Lake Visitor Centre: Bird watching
Pomorie Lake: Walk along the sand strip
Thracian dome tomb in Pomorie

Nessebar Municipality

Cape Emine – the northern end of Burgas Bay
Irakli Beach – spacious and inviting, shrouded in a forest mantle
Nessebar – an ancient seaside town