Lozenets: “Yug” campsite and “Coral” Beach

“Yug” campsite and “Coral” Beach are attractive places for sunbath, swimming, leisure and camping in nature. They lay on the same beach strip between the resorts of Kiten and Lozenets on the Black Sea Coast, Bulgaria. Fascinating for the visitors are the natural features: transparent waters, extensive dunes, thick wild forests located behind the sand, as well as the lack of massive concrete structures. Mainly campers visit the beaches as well as the guests of the nearby resorts, in searching for new inspiring views and opportunities to diversify the Black Sea holiday.

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Kiten as a destination for a Black Sea holiday

Black Sea holiday in the Kiten resort – it is undoubtedly the greenest resort on the Bulgarian South Black Sea Coast. The beautiful long, spacious beaches in abundant greenery, the crystal clear waters, the mouth of the Karaagach River – all this creates the opportunities for a magnificent Black Sea holiday filled with beautiful views. Also, the immediate proximity of the “Yug” campsite and “Coral” beach, Primorsko, Ropotamo Reserve, Tsarevo and Strandzha Mountain, is a promise for more exciting moments, adventures, and a meeting with the history and traditions of the area.

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Rezovo – the southernmost bank of the Bulgarian Black Sea Coast

Rezovo is the southernmost settlement on the Bulgarian Black Sea Coast and the border between Bulgaria and Turkey. Tourists visit it mostly because of curiosity to see the Turkish coast, which is just meters away from the Bulgarian coast. As a holiday destination, Rezovo is prefered by those vacationers that are seeking tranquillity, relax and quiet. Indeed, the village of Rezovo is a very modest and peaceful place for a vacation that has become a resort recently. It also has a small secluded beach.

In our estimation, the most interesting in Rezovo is its dramatic cliffs of the coast, as well as the preserved old wooden houses.

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Rezovo: The wild Kastrich Bay

Kastrich Bay is an incredible place that lays between the resorts of Sinemorets and Rezovo. It impresses with its magnificent rock formations, which were sculptured by the forces of nature as well as the virgin forest that surrounds it. Also, the presence of any trace of human beings here is minimal, which enhances the sensation of contact with nature.

The place is suitable for sunbath as well as swimming mainly for nature lovers and divers that chose Sinemorets or Rezovo for their holiday at the Bulgarian Black Sea Coast. It is not appropriate for pretentious vacationers cause there is no sand where can put the towel, but only large round stones.

 Could reach Kastrich Bay by a hiking trail, which crosses a forest, and takes about 20 minutes walking. Although the road is wide enough, to move by car, off-road type, that is forbidden. Kastrich Bay lays in a Protected Area “Silistar”, and only foresters have the right to move by a vehicle according to the order.

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Pomorie Lake Visitor Centre: Bird watching

The Pomorie Lake is located along the second largest migration route of birds in Europe – Via pontica. For this reason, many bird species occur here – 268 species. Some of them can see at the Pomorie Lake Visitor Centre, where there are potent binoculars that allow visitors for bird watching with optical zoom. Besides, an ornithological expert who is available, there will explain in detail about each species under observation.
Indeed, Pomorie Lake itself is a coastal lagoon with an area of ​​about eight square kilometres. In addition, a natural sand strip separates the lake from the sea, near the town of Pomorie. The depth of the lake is no more than 1.4 m, and the salinity is about 80%. For this reason, it is a habitat of rare plants and species got used to high levels of salinity.

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Varvara village: Black Sea exotics on the beach

The beautiful beach of Varvara village – with its green slopes decoration, its reefs enclosing it at the southern end, together with its clear waters and tranquillity, unlike the noisy resorts. The beach could instead be called an exotic oasis and paradise and one of the most lovely beaches on the South Black Sea Coast. It is also popular with the name “Wake Up Varvara” because of the bar located here, with its thatched umbrellas and cocktails, which fits perfectly into this picture.

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Sinemorets: Hiking trail to the wild beaches Lipite, Listi and Silistar Beach

“Lipite” and “Listi” wild beaches lay between the resort villages of Sinemorets and Rezovo, and they are entirely uncivilized and almost deserted. There is no road to reach them by car, and the only way to visit is the eco-path described here, whose going is a real adventure. On the trail, one runs along a stunning coastline past meadows and unusual rock formations. Indeed, those cliffs are the result of volcanic activity millions of years ago. Surrounded by wild forest, quiet and rarely visited, these wild beaches are attractive to seekers of tranquillity and privacy. At the end of the trail, you will find yourself at another exotic, trendy but not so peaceful place – the Silistar Beach.

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Sinemorets: Silistar Beach

 Silistar Beach is the southernmost big beach on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast. The hospitable sheltered bay, the wild forest behind the beach, the lack of buildings together with the incredibly clear waters, the elongated rocky capes at both ends make it a favourite beach for the many vacationers who chosen the local area as a holiday destination.

The beach is attractive to both adventurers and vacationers seeking solitude, as there are two completely wild beaches nearby that one can reach along а coastal eco-path. Those are the beaches “Lipite” and “Listi”.

Silistar Beach lays between the resort settlements of Sinemorets (6 km) and Rezovo (7 km) and from the regional city Burgas is 88 km south. Can reach the beach by car, there is also parking in the woods.

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Ahtopol – Sinemorets – hiking trail past volcanic formations to the Veleka Mouth

In Ahtopol, at the fishing pier near the lighthouse, is the start of the route past volcanic formations to the Veleka River Mouth. Near the port can park a car. Then, there is walking to the south along the curves of many small bays resembling fjords and rock formations. Тhere are ascents and descents along the entire route because the relief is rugged. At the end of the way, overall, you will reach a steep shore where can see a magnificent view of the Veleka River Mouth near Sinemorets.

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Ahtopol – romance, sea, history and nature

Ahtopol is the southernmost city on the Bulgarian Black Sea Coast, located at the foot of the Strandzha Mountain. It is suitable for a quiet and peaceful holiday at sea, together with sightseeing of historical and natural landmarks. Inevitably, walking along the seafront promenade with the fishing pier, the lighthouse and the high rocky shores create dear memories in every visitor, that provokes a desire of returning.

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