Rezovo – the southernmost bank of the Bulgarian Black Sea Coast

Rezovo is the southernmost settlement on the Bulgarian Black Sea Coast and the border between Bulgaria and Turkey. Tourists visit it mostly because of curiosity to see the Turkish coast, which is just meters away from the Bulgarian coast. As a holiday destination, Rezovo is prefered by those vacationers that are seeking tranquillity, relax and quiet. Indeed, the village of Rezovo is a very modest and peaceful place for a vacation that has become a resort recently. It also has a small secluded beach.

In our estimation, the most interesting in Rezovo is its dramatic cliffs of the coast, as well as the preserved old wooden houses.

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Rezovo: The wild Kastrich Bay

Kastrich Bay is an incredible place that lays between the resorts of Sinemorets and Rezovo. It impresses with its magnificent rock formations, which were sculptured by the forces of nature as well as the virgin forest that surrounds it. Also, the presence of any trace of human beings here is minimal, which enhances the sensation of contact with nature.

The place is suitable for sunbath as well as swimming mainly for nature lovers and divers that chose Sinemorets or Rezovo for their holiday at the Bulgarian Black Sea Coast. It is not appropriate for pretentious vacationers cause there is no sand where can put the towel, but only large round stones.

 Could reach Kastrich Bay by a hiking trail, which crosses a forest, and takes about 20 minutes walking. Although the road is wide enough, to move by car, off-road type, that is forbidden. Kastrich Bay lays in a Protected Area “Silistar”, and only foresters have the right to move by a vehicle according to the order.

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