Lozenets: “Yug” campsite and “Coral” Beach

“Yug” campsite and “Coral” Beach are attractive places for sunbath, swimming, leisure and camping in nature. They lay on the same beach strip between the resorts of Kiten and Lozenets on the Black Sea Coast, Bulgaria. Fascinating for the visitors are the natural features: transparent waters, extensive dunes, thick wild forests located behind the sand, as well as the lack of massive concrete structures. Mainly campers visit the beaches as well as the guests of the nearby resorts, in searching for new inspiring views and opportunities to diversify the Black Sea holiday.

“Yug” campsite and “Coral” Beach – map

The “Yug” campsite

It is located about 3 km south of the centre of Kiten city and 2.5 km from Lozenets village. It is 56 km away from the regional city Burgas. In case of driving along the main road in the direction of Burgas – Tsarevo, turn left shortly after passing by Kiten city. After that, turn right and drive about 1 km on an asphalt road. The road is not in good condition, so you have to drive carefully. Along the way, there are short paths through the forest that reach the beach. Further, It leads to Lozenets village.

The name “Yug” in Bulgarian means “South.” One could say that the place fully corresponds to the concept of a campsite – there are only low structures, bungalows, as well as sites for tents, campers and caravans in its territory. They are all into spacious green meadows and forest. There are an umbrella and lifeguard area on the beach, as well as an unguarded, free beach area. The length of the beach that belongs to “Yug” campsite is about 300 m

"Yug" campsite - the southern part of the beach, which is unguarded
“Yug” campsite – the southern part of the beach, which is unguarded

Yug camping nearby Kiten, Black Sea
Another view from the south of the beach. Exciting for visitors is the rock that crosses the beach and reaches almost to the sea
Camping Yug, Kiten -  the guraded part of the beach
The northern part of the beach, where there is a lifeguard, umbrellas, sunbeds and beach bar

The “Coral” Beach

It is adjacent to the beach at “Yug” campsite, but it is in south direction. 800 m long and reaches the Resort of Lozenets. The spacious beach is surrounded by dense, wild forest that was a protected area in the recent past. At the time of our visit (June 2019), there was no umbrella area or a beach bar. The place is prefered by the fans of nature tourism and wild camping. Unlike the “Yug” campsite, there is no arranged campsite here. There are no bungalows, bathrooms, toilets and electricity. Until recently, it was a practice among campers to pitch tents on the beach.

The "Coral" beach nearby Lozenets, Black Sea Coast
A path is crossing the dunes, which leads to “Coral” Beach. The beach is next to the “Yug” campsite
The spacious and long strip of "Coral" Beach, Lozenets, Bulgaria
The spacious and long strip of “Coral” Beach

Sadly, at the moment (June 2019), due to the changes in “The Law on the Structure of the Black Sea Coast” which come into force, these practices are very likely to be stopped. The law provides for significant fines for camping on the dunes. The wild woods behind the beach are private property, which makes it impossible to place tents there. It remains to be seen whether free camping areas will be designated, as the law provides for arranging of such sections.

Of course, there is no problem for stay at the beach for swimming, sunbaths and leisure, if just a towel is placed on the sand.

What to see around

In case of a more extended stay in the area you can visit the following resorts and landmarks:

In the north direction

  1. Kiten city for other beautiful beaches and a small museum of underwater archaeology (3 km)
  2. The town of Primorsko (8 km) where is the famous Thracian sanctuary Beglik Tash – one of the most popular historical sites in the country. Nearby, there is the Ropotamo Reserve for other authentic, natural sights and eco trails in the forest and past the sea.

In the south direction

  1. Lozenets Resort (2.5 km) and Velika Village (6 km)
  2. Tsarevo city (9 km in the south) – with beautiful bays, historical sites and a museum. From there can go to the Strandzha Nature Park – the largest protected area in Bulgaria.

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