A 3D adventure game inspired by the late ’90s

“Strandzha Adventures 3D” is an exciting experience among the amazing nature, ancient sanctuaries and legends of the real Strandzha Mountain. This is an adventure game in Bulgarian and English languages. All scenery in the game is based on real places in the mountain. Some of them are nowadays tourist attractions and information about them can be found below. The game is available on Google Play:

An adventure game – platformer type with a lot of adventures

This is an adventure game with fantasy elements. Inspired by the 3D platformer games of the late ’90s. A casual game with lots of entertainment, various traps and obstacles.

The action takes place in the 2nd century BC when the real Strandzha mountain was inhabited by two Thracian tribes – Skyrmians and Asti. The main character of the game is Catos. He is a warrior from the Skyrmian tribe. His mission is to find and rescue his missing fiancee Teana. With the help of his Thracian sword “mahaira” (also called “sika”), he fights against the evil forces that stand in his way – forest beasts, forest spirits and evil wars. On his head, he wears the so-called “Phrygian hat”, characteristic of the Thracians. He collects gold coins that give him lives – for every 50 coins – he gets an extra life.

A visual idea can be gained from the photos:

“Strandzha Adventures 3D” is an adventure game created by us – the BgNatureTrip team. The game scenario incorporates the knowledge we have gathered about Strandzha Mountain as a result of our hikes and explorations in the mountain over the years.

Pictures from the game “Strandzha Adventures 3D” – an adventure game for android smartphones

Trailer of the adventure game

The full version of this adventure game – with all levels and without ads is available in the Google Play store and can be purchased and installed on the smartphone from here, at a price of 1,49 euro:

Information about some of the real locations in Strandzha that inspired the video game and how to reach them

Here are some of the locations that feature in this fantasy game as scenery for the opening levels. For the needs of the gameplay, the locations have been further decorated and hazards have been added.

To find out what the other places that are depicted as scenery are at higher levels – you need to buy and install the full version of the game.

It can be said that almost all places are tourist landmarks these days, except for the following two sites. Their visit could be very dangerous!

  • The Lion’s Head and the caves are located on the territory of the Ropotamo Reserve. The path approved for tourism only reaches the ruins of the Ranuli fortress. Visiting the Lion’s Head itself and the caves is prohibited!
  • Seal Cave on Maslen Nos. Nowadays, the cave is accessible only from the sea and can be explored through some of the yacht excursions that depart from the port of Primorsko. According to local legend, the cave was once much larger, served as a pirate hideout and had an exit to land.