Sozopol: The “Chauffeurs’ Beach” in the Alepu area

The “Chauffeurs’ Beach” is one of the most famous and attractive wild beaches on the South Black Sea coast. It is easy to access and is 37 km away from Bourgas city. Because the beach is spacious, long and not crowded, it is an excellent place for those who want quiet tranquillity on the beach. Besides, it is close to the natural landmark “Alepu Swamp” and is also popular with the name “Alepu Beach”.

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Sozopol: Cape Agalina

The location of Cape Agalina is between the town of Sozopol and the Resort Duni. It is a collection of small bays and rock formations in an area with specific coastal flora and fauna. Tourists mostly visit rock phenomenon resembling a fjord. Also, the place is easily accessible, and walking is minimal. It is about 9 km south of the centre of Sozopol. Besides, the whole area around the Cape is declared a natural landmark.

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Sozopol – the city of salvation from the monotony

Sozopol is the oldest city on the Bulgarian Black Sea Coast. It has a unique architectural appearance, and there are many historical sites on its territory that worth a visit. Besides cultural tourism, the town offers excellent opportunities for sea holidays, sports and entertainment as there are beautiful beaches here. Around the city, there are also natural attractions that you could explore. Annually, at the end of each summer, the Apolonia Arts Festival takes place here, which is, of course, an additional entertainment for tourists – music, theatre, cinema, ballet, architecture, plastic arts. Sozopol is suitable for both stay with family and summer active nightlife – many discos and nightclubs are capable of satisfying all musical desires.

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