Opening of GPX files with applications on Android

With the development of technology and the widespread distribution of smartphones with built-in GPS devices, the GPX files and the like them (KML and KMZ) became very useful as a means of sharing experiences between tourists, mountaineers, cyclists, etc. That is because now everyone can record its own “walk” and share it with others interested via the Internet.

The GPX file is a systematised collection with coordinates of multiple points, connected by a broken line with direction. When it is placed on an electronic map, the line depicts a tourist route. In addition to the location of the course on the map, time and speed for transition can also see a longitudinal section of the road. That gives a real idea of ​​the terrain along the way, where and how long the ascent, descent, etc.

We will take a look at two of the many applications running on Android that serve to open GPX files for the needs of tourists.

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Planning your excursion with the assistive tools

The selection of tools provided here is a great help for every tourist and traveller to plan an excursion or trip. It will make it easier to organise your vacation to the Bulgarian South Black Sea coast. The set includes a timetable for flights, Google road map showing the quickest or the most commonly used routes to the settlements, a distance calculator, a search engine about rental cars, a weather forecast, a search engine for hotels all over the country, and bus timetable information.

As a matter of fact – we open this page every time we prepare for a hike. Here we find all the information we need. The links provided take us to databases which are continuously updating.

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