Primorsko: Boat trip upstream the Ropotamo River

Along with this boat trip, you can contemplate the dense forests on the banks, similar to a jungle, with creepers, many swamp turtles and water snakes. The vegetation is such abundant, so overhanging branches of the trees overshadow the river.

Overall, this trip is a small but easily accessible adventure in the wildlife around the town of Primorsko.

The place where you can get on a boat for a trip along Ropotamo river

Its location is next to the massive bridge over the river for passing cars, almost to the main road Burgas-Primorsko. The boat trip is 1.5 km upstream to reach the Veliov Vir swamp. It takes 30 minutes for going and returning. The company organizing this attraction is “Attractions – Ropotamo Ltd.”. For more detail and reservation of boat tel. 0879 257554.

 The small pier where the boats start to sail upstream of Ropotamo River
The small pier where the boats start to sail upstream of Ropotamo River
Sailing to Veliov vir swamp
Sailing to Veliov vir swamp
 Western Caspian turtle (Mauremys rivulata
Western Caspian turtle (Mauremys rivulata)

Until a few years ago, in this place, boats have performed a walk in the opposite direction. In that time, they sailed down the stream and reached the mouth of the river. The section of river from the bridge to the mouth belongs to Ropotamo Reserve. At present, this kind of boat trip has been suspended, because of better preservation of the natural resources of Reserve.

What else to see around

To diversify your holiday in Bulgaria, you can try the following suggestions in the south direction:

  1. The town of Primorsko (4 km), its beaches and museum
  2. Ancient Thracian sanctuary Beglik Tash (8 km)
  3. Ropotamo Reserve and the many hiking trails around forest and sea (9 km)

In the north direction, can try these suggestions:

  1. A beautiful beach with a wild and guarded part – Arkutino Beach (4.5 km). Besides, from the beach begins hiking trail leading to the mouth of the Ropotamo River
  2. The wild “Chauffeurs’ Beach” in Alepu area (6.5 km)
  3. A rock formation, similar to a fjord, at Cape Agalina (11 km)
  4. Sozopol City with its beaches and historical sites (17 km)

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If you are planning a more extended stay in the area, it is a good idea to choose Primorsko as a city for staying. There are many hotels and lodgings and can offer many entertainments to diversify your Holliday at the Bulgarian Black Sea Coast.

Offers for hotels in Primorsko

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